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Tuition & Fees

Tuition & Fees

Texas College reserves the right to adjust College costs during the year, should conditions so warrant, with timely notice to the student. Students whose accounts are not current with the Office of Business and Finance will be considered a cash paying student. This means 1/3 (one-third) of all tuition & fees due must be paid at the time of registration.

Demonstration of the student's ability to pay their tuition and fees must be given at the time of registration; tuition and fees consist of the cost of tuition, student fees, room and board (when applicable), and other charges for the current semester. Tuition and fees do not include amounts for books, supplies, travel expenses, and other miscellaneous personal items. Students are expected to meet their financial obligations.  The College reserves the right to withhold services and accommodations, deny requests for transcripts and/or place students on a financial hold if payments are not made as scheduled.

Payments to the College for tuition and fees may be made by certified or cashier’s checks, bank drafts, or money orders made payable to Texas College; Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express are also accepted. Texas College disclaims any liability for cash (currency) that is not received through the mail. Cash should not be mailed to the College. Texas College does not accept personal checks. All payments made by mail should be addressed to:

Texas College
Business Office
2404 N. Grand Ave.
Tyler, TX 75702-1962
Phone: (903) 593-8311 ext. 2231

Downloadable/printable schedule of Tuition & Fees.

Schedule of Tuition & Fees

Per Semester
Off Campus
Tuition (12-18 credit hours) $4,104 $4,104
          $342 Per Credit Hour
Room (Residence Hall) $2,100
Board $1,900
Student Fees $900 $900
Total (12-18 hours) $5,004 $9,004

Texas College - Assessment Fee Schedule

Library Fee $50.00
Health Service Fee $200.00
Student Activity Fee $150.00
Student Facilities Fee $200.00
Student Technology Service Fee $300.00
Total $900.00
Additional Fees
Application Fee $20.00 per application
Drop/Add Fee $20.00 per schedule change
Late Enrollment Fee $75.00 per enrollment
Re-Admit Fee $25.00 per re-admit
Parking Fee $30.00 annually or $20.00 (Spring , Summer Semesters ONLY)
Room Deposit Fee (non refundable) $300.00 per year
Registration Fee (non refundable) $150.00 per year
Graduation Fee (non refundable) $200.00 per occurrence
Graduation Fee Dual Degree (non-refundable) $275.00 per occurrence
Late Graduation Fee (non-refundable) $50.00 per occurrence
Park & Ride Transportation $750.00 per semester
Total cost for one year for full time student Off Campus: $10,008.00 On Campus $18,008.00
Payments required at the time of Registration - Financial Aid  may not be used to pay  the following fees:
Registration Fee $150.00 (non refundable)
Housing Fee $300.00 (non refundable)
Parking Permit (Per Year) $30.00
Parking Permit (Spring & Summer Semesters ONLY) $20.00

LIBRARY FEE of $50 per semester. The cost of purchasing library materials, on-line information resources, and other services for students.

HEALTH SERVICES FEE of $200 per semester. The cost of providing medical services at the college's health service clinic.

STUDENT ACTIVITY FEE of $150 per semester. The cost of financing, constructing, operating, maintaining, and improving recreational sports facilities and programs.

STUDENT FACILITIES FEE of $200 per semester. The cost of financing renovating, operating, maintaining, and improving campus facilities.

STUDENT TECHNOLOGY FEE of $300 per semester. Student access to systems of instructional computing and information technology services. It also includes new student ID (swipe) cards.

PARKING FEE of $30 per year or $20 per semester (Spring semester ONLY). Covers the cost of parking on campus.

GRADUATION FEE. Students are required to pay a non refundable $200 ($275.00 Dual Degree) graduation fee
payable 30 days prior to their scheduled commencement date.

FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS. Students whose accounts are not current with the Business Office and students whose financial aid forms are incomplete, incorrect, or late may be denied any and all College Services. A student may not receive transcripts, grade reports, or other educational records until all accounts with the College are satisfied.

Commuter meal cards should be purchased directly from the College's Food Service Company. Financial Aid may not be used to Purchase Commuter Meal Cards.

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2404 North Grand Avenue
Tyler, TX 75702
Notice of Non-Discrimination: Texas College does not discriminate in any employment practice, education program, or educational activity on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, or veteran status. The Vice President of Academic Affairs has been designated to handle student inquiries regarding non-discrimination policies and the Director of Human Resources has the responsibility for faculty-staff concerns in this regard. Contact information is: Texas College, Attn: Vice President of Academic Affairs/Compliance Officer, Office of Academic Affairs/Martin Hall 1st floor, 2404 North Grand Avenue, Tyler, Texas 75702, (903) 593-8311 ext. 2342 office, (903) 526-4426 fax or Texas College, Attn: Director of Human Resources, Martin Hall, 1st floor, 2404 North Grand Avenue, Tyler, Texas 75702, (903) 593-8311 ext. 2201 office, (903) 363-1828 fax.