Fall Athletics & Auxiliaries "Hour-A-Thon" Exceeds Fundraising Goals

Friday, September 01, 2023
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The Texas College Athletic Department recently conducted a successful "Hour-A-Thon" fundraiser with the fall athletic teams and auxiliaries to generate revenue for their respective programs. The initiative included:

  • Band;
  • Cheer;
  • Football;
  • Men's Soccer;
  • Women's Soccer; and
  • Volleyball.

In partnership with "Hour-A-Thon," a company specialized in technological fundraising for athletic departments, every student from each of the aforementioned programs identified and contacted 20 individuals through phone calls and text messages for one full hour, soliciting donations for their respective organization. Their collective hour-long efforts proved successful, as the initiative exceeded the set fundraising goals overall, as well as for each program.

Athletic Director Butler expressed a sentiment of gratitude for the fundraiser's success. "Thank you to each individual for your support of the 'Hour-A-Thon.' Your selfless financial gifts are greatly appreciated and will provide essential items necessary for each program to represent Texas College well," commented Butler. "We look forward to your continued support of Texas College throughout this year as we move from good to great!"