Student Activities

Male student in tuxedo escorts female student in evening gown.
Texas College Cheerleaders in purple uniforms at a football game.
Six students wave on the Texas College Homecoming float.

The Office of Student Activities makes it easy for students to use and develop their talents through student activities. Getting involved on campus helps students build career and personal skills that will assist them long after they leave college. This office reinforces the notion that “learning takes place not only inside the classroom, but outside.”

Student Activities oversees student organizations and provides programs that lead to the students’ mental, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual development. Programs and activities include cultural, social, and intramural events that fit into the overall objective of the College to develop well-rounded individuals.

In addition, the Office of Student Activities also serves as a resource for officers, sponsors, and members in planning, scheduling and promoting events. In addition to maintaining a directory of all recognized student organizations, the office of Student Activities is also responsible for publishing items of particular interest to students and student organizations.