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For information and inquiries regarding technology, please contact the Office of Information Technology:

(903) 593-8311, ext. 2315 │

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How to use the TC Web Portal

How to log in and access Texas College email, Microsoft Office 365, and campus Wi-Fi

Email phishing

Please be aware of phishing emails. Someone may send you a legitimate looking email with a link to click. When you click on the link, it may ask you to enter your user name, password or other personal information for identity theft. We will never ask for your password.

Most of the links we send to students will show Texas College URL. Please look at the website address in the URL and you will notice if the link is legitimate or not. Please call us if you are not sure of the information you receive came from Texas College or not. If you are fully enrolled and need help with account issues, please contact IT Department.

Texas College IT Department Contact Information:

Phone: (903) 593-8311, ext. 2315


What is phishing and how to avoid the bait

(Source: iluli by Mike Lamb)

Phishing email examples:

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Legitimate website URL examples:

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Technology for teachers and students

Click the button below to access a YouTube channel resource that is devoted to helping learn how to use a wide range of computer software applications, educational websites, and other technology tools. 

Technology for Teachers and Students Youtube Channel

(Source: Technology for Teachers and Students Youtube Channel,