Student Affairs Overview

The Office of Student Affairs seeks to provide an environment conducive for productive learning that reinforces the academic programs. This is done by offering programs and services to assist with a balanced intellectual, psychological, social and spiritual development of students.

Student Affairs is a viable component of student life with the success of every Texas College student being the first priority of the Office of Student Affairs. Inherent in this belief is the commitment to treat all students with dignity and respect. In addition, services, programs, and activities will be delivered in a climate where everyone is treated in a courteous, professional manner. It is the responsibility of Student Affairs and all offices to cultivate in Texas College students an understanding of community which impacts all through a strong sense of civic responsibilities.

Programs and services are designed to create a supportive environment that enhances the personal development and learning of all students. Working with faculty and staff across campus, the Office of Students Affairs prepares students to be responsible and contributing members of a diverse community, through meaningful out-of-class opportunities, and professional support services that help them experience and achieve academic and personal success.

The Office of Student Affairs is a central source of information concerning college policies and procedures as well as co-curricular services and programs on behalf of students. Additionally, The Office of Student Affairs addresses requests, concerns, personal problems, advisement, housing, and disciplinary issues.

Contact Information:

Office of Student Affairs

Dr. Cynthia Marshall-Biggins, Vice President for Student Affairs

Location: Martin Hall, 1st Floor
Phone: (903) 593-8311, Ext. 4038

Student Affairs