Grading Policy

Grading Policy. The final semester grades are determined by the instructor based on the grades earned by the student for all completed course work. Grades are reported officially by the instructors to the Office of the Registrar at mid-semester and at the end of the course according to the following grading system:

A – 90-100
B – 80-89
C – 70-79
D – 60-69
F – Below 60 I – Incomplete
NC – No Credit W – Withdrawal
FX – Unofficial Withdrawal

A - indicates outstanding performance combined with intellectual alertness and initiative;

B - indicates above average work that is performed in a sustained and creative manner according to all requirements of the course;

C - represents the minimum accepted performance for course work in the major or minor area;

D - represents work in the lowest passing quality through which a student can fulfill the minimum requirements of a course. It is considered to be borderline;

F - indicates that the student has failed. If the course is required, the student must repeat the course for a passing grade. If a student earns an “F” in a course that extends over two semesters, he or she may not continue in the same or higher subject area until the first course is taken again and passed;

I – is assigned when circumstances beyond the control of the student make it impossible for the student to complete all work of the course. It is the student’s responsibility to conference with the instructor to ensure that the grade of “I” is changed when the work is completed. The student has one (1) semester following the incomplete being issued to complete course work;;

NC - is assigned as the grade for the student who has not fulfilled requirements of a developmental education (or remedial) course which he/she has attended regularly

W – indicates that the student has officially withdrawn from the course. If the course is required, the student must complete the course at a later date in order to receive credit. The “W” indication is administratively assigned by the Registrar.

FX – indicates that a student has not officially withdrawn from the college, nor completed satisfactory coursework for a letter grade. The FX indication is administratively assigned by the Registrar.