Texas College Band

Join the Texas College Band

If you have a love of music and yearn to join a group who fosters school pride and spirit, the TEXAS COLLEGE MARCHING BAND is the place for you. Whether you are a proficient musician planning to major in music or a novice willing to learn, our program can make use of your desire and help you to hone your craft while earning college degree. There are scholarship opportunities available for those who qualifiy.

For additional information about the Texas College Band, contact: Ms. Shawan Baptiste, Director of Bands: (903) 593-8311, ext. 2248 | sbaptiste@texascollege.edu

The Vision for the Texas College Band Program

The vision for the Texas College Band Program is to "develop and demonstrate quality through musical performance execution." To achieve this vision, the values of exemplary academics, positive student leadership, student discipline, perserverance, responsibility, tolerance, and community service will be reinforced and required characteristics for each "student-musician." These "Texas College Student Musician" values will culminate in the demonstration of "musical performance execution" at a higher level, with greater consistency! The vision includes creating and establishing a comprehensive music program including:

  • The Texas College Marching Band
  • Concert Band
  • Jazz Ensemble
  • Percussion Ensemble/Drum Line
  • Brass and Woodwind Ensemble
  • Flag Line

All Texas College Student-Musicians will consistently receive guidance toward the application of the vision "develop and demonstrate quality through musical performance execution". The Texas College Student-Musician will experience memorable performances involving football halftime shows, scheduled parades, community performance opportunitities, and travel opportunities. The vision includes the "Texas College Student-Musician earning the privilege to perform and being exposed to a quality band experience!"

Moreover, the vision for the "Texas College Marching Band" includes establishing a strong musical foundation for all other music ensembles to evolve. The Texas College Marching Band will acquire refined concepts for a quality sounding musical ensemble, and gradually become a well-known performance group in the local community and beyond.