Residence Life

Pictured is Gilmore-Hartley Hall, a four story residence hall.

Gilmore-Hartley Hall

Residence Life at Texas College is an integral part of the student’s total educational experience. Students are provided opportunities to develop interpersonal skills, to increase their understanding of different cultures, and to learn self-discipline in organizing their time for study, work, and social activities. The experiences of residence hall living will enhance the student’s concern for the rights and interests of fellow students and promote Christian growth.

Residence Life can provide students with an environment that is comfortable and safe and in close proximity to classrooms, libraries as well as programs and services of the college. The environment of the residence halls are an important aspect of college life as well as to the development and wellbeing of residents.  Programs and services are provided to positively shape the quality of the campus living experience.

Residential living can provide an opportunity for concentrated study, shared responsibility, cooperative and congenial living, self-management and group adhesiveness, factors which can be influential in promoting values in group processes.  Within the residential learning environment individuals are challenged and supported to develop into productive community members who are prepared to enrich society.

Living within the residence halls encourages each person to develop skills and attitudes necessary to be positive and productive members of society. Developing these skills involves making a commitment to appreciate and value human differences regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, or religious affiliation. Residential Life promotes the idea that each person has worth and should be treated with dignity and respect.  Understanding this, you are encouraged to reach out to each other and develop positive relationships.

As we focus on our responsibilities, Residence Life staff efforts are guided by several commitments to our students:

  • Students should be afforded opportunities for active involvement in the campus community.
  • Residence halls should afford certain rights and responsibilities to each individual community member.
  • Community development should be nurtured and responsible citizenship modeled and taught.
  • The academic mission of the institution should be supported and enhanced.
  • An appreciation for and promotion of diversity should be apparent in the residence hall environment.
  • Residence halls should promote a safe and secure environment which emphasizes individual responsibility.

What to Bring

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Residence Life