Letter from the Office of Student Affairs (04/14/2020)

By Tamisha Culberson
Tuesday, April 14, 2020

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April 12, 2020

Dear students:

During these unprecedented times in which we’re currently living, I hope that each of you are doing your best to remain safe and healthy. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to quickly spread across the United States and the East Texas area, the administration had to take proactive steps in mid-March to ensure the health and safety of the campus community. While there still remains a great deal of uncertainty as to the “What, When, and How,” the shelter in place mandate calls for all of us to stay inside our homes and away from others (only leaving for essential reasons) in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Many of you left the campus simply to enjoy Spring Break, not realizing that you would not be able to return. For those campus-based students who were unable to retrieve your items from the residence halls, please know that your items are securely locked away, and the campus is secure. Also, if you’re planning to reside in campus housing next semester, you may leave your items there and have the same room during the fall. While there has not been a definite date set for re-opening the campus, the administration continues to monitor the situation and will inform the campus community with updates.

Lastly, in accordance with what’s being reinforced by our governing officials, the administration will continue to do everything we can to protect and maintain the health of the college community. Remember: continue to practice and adhere to social distancing.


Cynthia M. Marshall-Biggins, Ed.D.

Vice President Student Affairs

2404 North Grand Avenue, Tyler, Texas 75702-1962

Phone: 903-593-8311 ext. 2342 * Fax: 903-5526-4426 * Website: www.texascollege.edu