Friday, November 10, 2023
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From the Office of Academic Affairs

Pre-registration for the Spring 2024 academic term has begun. To pre-register for Spring 2024, students are to contact their advisors directly to begin the process. Students are to meet with their advisors to review and select their courses for the upcoming term and to secure the schedule desired.

Contact information for advisement assistance:

  • Division of Business and Social Sciences: Dr. Hamad Ali │(903) 593-8311, ext. 2239 │hali@texascollege.edu
    • Majors include: Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Social Work, and Sociology
  • Division of General Studies and Humanities: Dr. Cindy Johnson │(903) 593-8311, ext. 2276 │cjohnson@texascollege.edu
    • Majors include: English, General Studies, Liberal Studies, Music, and Religion
  • Division of Interdisciplinary Studies (Education): Dr. Alice Ajanga│(903) 593-8311, ext. 2344 │aajanga@texascollege.edu
    • Majors include: Interdisciplinary Studies (Education) and Early Childhood Education
  • Division of Natural and Computational Sciences: Ms. Linda L. Johnson │(903) 593-8311, ext. 2360 │lljohnson@texascollege.edu
    • Majors include: Biology, Computer Science, and Mathematics