Student Spotlight: Marques Jones

Tuesday, January 30, 2024
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Texas College is pleased to introduce Marques Jones as the latest Student Spotlight. Jones, a native of Youngstown, Ohio, is a senior Business Administration major with involvement campus organizations that include the Library Club and the Men of Valor and Excellence (M.O.V.E.). Throughout his tenure at Texas College, Jones has earned a multitude of accolades for his academic achievements, inclusive of recognitions such as Presidential Scholar, LEGACY Scholar, and the Dean's List, as well as a Rotary Young Citizens Club selection, presented by the Rotary Club of Tyler.

With expectations to graduate this May, Jones has transitioned from a face-to-face student on campus to a now distance learner, finishing his final courses virtually. This shift is derivative of his successful securement of employment prior to graduation. Currently, he resides in Columbus, Ohio, and serves as a Human Resources Assistant for the National Center for Urban Solutions (NCUS). NCUS is a diversified social enterprise with an interdisciplinary approach to solving the needs of urban and underrepresented communities in health, workforce, and education, which has notably garnered national recognition from the White House, the U.S. Department of Labor, and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. In his role, Jones supports a multitude of human resource functions, inclusive of recruitment, onboarding, personnel record maintenance, candidate interviews, and more.

Jones credits his success to Texas College and the relationships that he built here. "My experience was priceless at Texas College," noted Jones. "Dr. Ali has been my mentor since I first enrolled as a student at Texas College. "When I initially came to Texas College, I was admittedly unpolished. However, Dr. Ali never gave up on me; despite plenty of time he could have, he was always there to mentor and guide me. He instilled humility, confidence, and wisdom within me, as well taught me how to harness and utilize my knowledge and skills; for that, I cannot thank him enough." He continued by expressing that other faculty and staff likewise were invested in his success, purchasing suits and other necessities to ensure successful interviews and professional experiences.

Jones extended this sentiment to the campus at-large, "The environment at Texas College is perfect for anyone looking to be successful. Because the campus is small, it is close knit, which makes it easy to connect with students, faculty, and staff. Every resource I ever needed was available and close by."

"Texas College gave me the confidence to compete against anyone. Having attended Texas College, I feel empowered and ready to compete in any situation. I know that I have been given all the skills and knowledge to be able to succeed. I know that I am prepared for whatever may come."

"I feel like I've discovered new land and have to tell the world about it." Jones noted, feeling compelled to share the benefits that he received from Texas College with others. "Texas College has genuinely changed my life. So, every year I try to bring one to two student from my hometown to join us. And, once I graduate, I plan to help build a pipeline from Youngstown and Columbus, Ohio, to Texas College because I know that this opportunity to leave their environment and enter one like Texas College's is truly life-changing."

In addition to his aforementioned experiences at Texas College, Jones affectionately cited Homecoming, Fried Chicken Wednesday after Chapel, playing pick-up basketball on the outdoor courts, and studying in the D.R. Glass Library as a few of his fondest memories of the College. Jones has aspirations to become a vice president for talent acquisition, eventually. In the interim, he excitedly embraces his current role and looks forward to gaining as much experience as possible within the realm of human resources.