Texas College Students and Professors Attend International Conference

By Angelia Fennell
Tuesday, November 06, 2018

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On Tuesday, November 6th, Texas College English Professors Dr. Emmanuel Ngwang and Dr. Kenneth Usongo led a group of Texas College students to attend an international lecture on “Eco-consciousness in the Writings of Saint Francis of Assisi and Pope Francis.” Hosted at LeTourneau University in Longview, Texas, this classical literature lecture featured Dr. Miruna George, a lecturer from Stella Maris College in Chennai, India.  George correlated the likeminded views of Saint Francis of Assisi and Pope Francis’ perception of nature as a manifestation of God’s omnipresence and magnificence. The two even regarded nature as the manifestation of the godhead, which she used to remind the audience that it is humanity’s duty to preserve nature, “as it is God’s gift to humanity,” George stated. Following the one-hour lecture, the institution hosted a question and answer session with George, to which both Texas College students and faculty engaged, making connections between the American Transcendentalist respect for nature and the godhead and William Wordworth’s and British Romanticist’s reverence for nature.

“This was, indeed, a very nouvelle and delightful, yet educational exchange between Texas College students and professors and LeTourneau as we seek further collaborative initiatives,” said Ngwang. While it was an educational pursuit, Ngwang couldn’t help but associate the religious overtones to the College’s Mission of developing students both intellectually and spiritually.

Angelia Fennell