Texas College E-Sports Mini Semester



Texas College invites you to enroll in courses and program activities related to E-Sports. This new and exciting dynamic allows you to take courses that will count as elective credits and, in some instances, may satisfy the program objectives of the general education core.

These courses will assist future business owners and people new to marketing to learn the basics of internet marketing; teach one how to conduct accurate internet research by creating a search plan, searching both the surface and deep web, and staying organized; and give a better understanding of cyberattacks and recognition of the warning signs. The E-Sports programmatic activity also has competitive forms of video game play, as well as team play between institutions, such as multi-player video game competitions. These innovative course are geared toward college-level students who wish to be on the cutting edge of E-Sports initiatives.

For course enrollment, contact: Mr. John Roberts, Dean of Enrollment Management | (903) 593-8311, ext. 2368

For multi-player video game competitions, contact: Dr. Cynthia Marshall-Biggins, Vice President for Student Affairs | (903) 593-8311, ext. 2267