Natural & Computational Sciences

Natural & Computational Sciences

The Division of Natural and Computational Sciences is comprised of offerings in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Biology. The Division of Natural and Computational Sciences generally address students’ preparation and understanding of scientific inquiry and knowledge as well as the traditional forms of theory associated with science, computer simulation, numerical analysis, and theoretical computer science.  The majors offered in the Division familiarize students with the general practices of natural and computational sciences while also providing an understanding of various models and approaches that may be used in the respective fields of study.  All students aspiring to become candidates for a major in the Division of Natural and Computational Sciences must complete a maximum of 44 semester hours of General Core courses and 15 hours of institutional requirements. The prerequisite courses and requirements are listed.


Computer Sciences


General Core Requirements

Division Chair for Natural & Computational Sciences

Dr. Mamta Gupta

Phone: (903)593-8311, extension 2247